11 Worthy Things

There is an enormous underlying principle that gets neglected in a lot of women’s lives. And that is that each person reading this right now is worthy of being loved and merits exquisite care. Each and every woman is worthy of being comfortable in her own skin, worthy of giving herself tender loving care and worthy of treating her own body like the treasure it is.

We love to complain about our stretch marks, zits, spider veins and other imperfections that seem to relentlessly grace our bodies. The older we get, the more plentiful the imperfections. I am guilty of reciting my long list of complaints, too. However, I am starting to realize with every step and every breath I take, that my life is a gift and that my body is my “transportation” for my life here on earth. This body is what houses my soul. In the bible, the body is referred to as a temple for the Holy Spirit.

It is worth everything I have to give the best care to the only body I will ever have. I’m not talking plastic surgery and that kind of thing—I’m talking about the basics: reducing stress, living a life of gratitude, eating well, moving. I am worth more than nutritionally negative food, a sluggish, sedentary life, and holding on to resentment, anger and grudges that result in a cold, bitter heart. I am worthy of loving self care and so are you.

So in that same spirit of worthiness, here are 11 things to help you take care of every inch of yourself—you deserve the best:

  1. Understanding that your life is a gift; the care your give your body is how you show your thankfulness for that gift.
  2. Recognizing that you are a child of God. You are precious in His sight.
  3. Knowing that when you take care of yourself, there is room to take care of others.
  4. Taking care of yourself helps your insides match up with your outsides.
  5. Moving increases endorphins, wonderful hormones that help you feel good. A natural high!
  6. One of the joys in eating real food means no more brain cramps trying to figure out what di-sodium phosphates and other scary additives are and what they are doing to your body.
  7. Eating real food means you will no longer have to remove your children from the ceiling with a spatchula. Your children are calmer. (just how much fruit is in “fruity cereal” anyway and why are “sports drinks” the color of anti-freeze and toilet bowl cleaner?)
  8. Moving with music will help you not only burn calories, but help you “shake your groove thing” and show you that you can still move with the best of them! (turn on some Motown and see what I mean—LOL)
  9. Drinking water is going to give you pretty skin. Sure, more trips to the potty, but definitely prettier skin!
  10. Not hitting the drive thru will mean more money in your pocket. Stash some of that cash and go get a pedicure!
  11. Recognizing that you are worthy of tender self care means you are FLYing! (Finally Loving Yourself)


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